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Aging In Place

What does it take to successfully Age in Place?  While most of us want to stay in our homes for as long as possible, the ability to Age in Place requires more than just the desire.  In an ideal situation, you would plan ahead to maintain a certain level of quality of life.  Such planning would address how you will spend your senior years and include things like health care, finances, the impact to activities of daily living (ADL) that come with age, and the set up of your home.  The statistics (link to Statistics page) related to aging provide some insight into the importance of preventative modifications and Confidence Builders can help.

Many people have the ability to begin planning for future needs.  For others, the reality is that they need more immediate help now.  Regardless of where you find yourself in this journey, safe and successful Aging in Place requires carefully matching home adaptations to your specific needs.

As we age we may experience:

  • Reduction in mobility and endurance, loss of muscle mass and/or reduction in bone density, and a loss of balance leading to trips or falls
  • Reduced vision
  • Declining cognitive ability
  • Hearing loss

With the onset of age you may not be able to:

  • Get around within your home like you used to
  • Maintain your home like you used to
  • Socialize with friends like you used to because of access or visibility issues

People may think that Aging in Place modifications are just for old people, particularly people who are already experiencing the need for modifications as discussed above.  But the truth is that any of us can benefit from a little thought and planning.  The NAHB and AARP define 3 categories of people who can benefit from Aging in Place modifications:

  1. People Without Urgent Needs (the largest segment)
    • Planners – Those who are willing to do something now, before they actually need it to enhance their quality of life in later years
    • Procrastinators – Those who are unknowingly, unintentionally waiting for something to happen
  2. People With a Progressive Condition such as MS, Diabetes, ALS, or any other condition that will deteriorate their health, requiring upgrades in order to remain at home
  3. People Who Have Experienced a Traumatic Event, such as accident victims, wounded veterans, stroke patients, etc, who require immediate modifications in order to remain at home

Making the choice to age in place gives you the control to be independent, but making this choice does not mean you have to do everything yourself.  That’s where Confidence Builders can help.  By helping you plan for the future now we can modify your home to the extent that it’s new functionality will help you achieve your goal of remaining in your home, on your terms, even as your needs change over time.

In addition to helping you make modifications to your home, Confidence Builders offers an extensive home maintenance plan that will keep your home safe.  Check out what we have to offer in terms of modifications (link to Home Modifications page) and services (link to Home Maintenance Program page) to help you remain independent.

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