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Home Maintenance Program

Successfully Aging in Place requires a plan. Part of that plan should include maintenance of the home. Many of the once routine tasks of home maintenance can be become difficult and even dangerous as we age. Confidence Builders has designed a comprehensive home maintenance program that can be customized to fit your individual needs.

Confidence Builders does not charge for an initial consultation, they are free. The basis of the program will be discussed during the free consultation and consists of an extensive inspection of your home, which typically takes three or more hours to complete. If you desire to take the next step, this inspection results in a checklist of items to be inspected on a monthly basis and, if necessary, a list of items recommended for immediate repair. The charge for this inspection is $300. If items for repair are identified, they will be quoted separately.

Monthly maintenance programs start at $225/month and include a total of three hours per month. One hour per month will be dedicated to the checklist items previously identified for monthly inspection. The other two hours may be spent on a Customized Monthly Checklist (i.e. “honey do lists” as requested by the homeowner) or on Seasonal Checklists. Seasonal Checklists involve in-depth attention to specific systems and areas of the home focused on preparing the home for the upcoming season. Examples include cleaning out gutters, winterizing swamp coolers, etc.

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Confidence New Mexico :: Seasonal Checklist


  • January
    Customized Monthly Checklist
  • February
    Spring Seasonal Checklist
  • March
    Customized Monthly Checklist
  • April
    Customized Monthly Checklist
  • May
    Summer Seasonal Checklist
  • June
    Customized Monthly Checklist
  • July
    Customized Monthly Checklist
  • August
    Fall Seasonal Checklist
  • September
    Customized Monthly Checklist
  • October
    Customized Monthly Checklist
  • November
    Winter Seasonal Checklist
  • December
    Customized Monthly Checklist

Monthly Items Coordination with Confidence Builders

Monthly honey-do-list items are coordinated with Confidence Builders one week prior to the scheduled visit. All visits include a $25 material allowance. Additional hours can be added for $69/hr, as desired.

This service is great for out of town children wanting to ensure their loved ones’ home maintenance needs are being taken care of. It also provides valuable insight into the evolving needs of those wishing to age in place.

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