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Page Sizing and Zoom Help

Hold down the ctrl key and spin your mouse wheel for starters!

The quickest way to return your browser to the original zoom setting is to press [Ctrl] + 0 (Mac users can use [Cmd] + 0).

Additional browser-specific instructions are detailed below.


  1. Click the Customize & Control icon Confidence Builders :: Zoom help.
    Confidence Builders :: Chome zoom help
  2. Set Zoom to 100%.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
    Confidence Builders :: Zoom help
  2. Select Zoom, and then select 100%.


  1. Press the [Alt] key to temporarily bring up the Firefox menus. Click View , and then click Zoom.
    Confidence Builders :: Zoom help
  2. Select Reset.


  1. Click the menu icon .
    Confidence Builders :: Zoom help
  2. Select Zoom, and then select Actual Size.

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